About Us

This temple was established in Delhi by the devotees of Punjabi Maharaj after they shifted to India from Multan (now in Pakistan) in 1947 on the land that was got allotted in lieu of their place of worship in Multan.

Punjabi Maharaj (S. Gurdit Singh Ji Maharaj of Sultanwind Amritsar), a disciple of Swami Chhaju Dass of Saharanpur, was bestowed land grants by the government on successful completion of civil works on the Chenab and the Indus. A
saint of great spiritual attainments he would go in for meditation for hours during wee hours. He would make his disciples meditate with their soul, vision, mind and breathing in unison to discover “Shabad” Bhajan, kirtan based on hymns by Satguru Kabir Ji, Acharya Garib Dass Ji and Adi Granth were the hall mark of his teachings.

After PUNJABI SAHEB, his mission was carried forward by Sardar Sahib Sardar Balwant Singh Ji, Mahant Tola Ram Ji, Mahant Thakur Dass Ji, (disciples of Panjabi Maharaj) and Mahant Atam Parkash Ji ( a disciple of Sardar Sahib Sardar Balwant Singh Ji). Presently Shri Tirath Dass Ji is the Mahant of the temple.

The Management of the temple vests in Kabir Sat Dharam Parcharni Sabha, (Regd.), with patrons Sh Sada Nand Ji, IAS Retd and his family and Sarvshri Ved Parkash, Subhash Chand, Nand Lal, Om Parkash, Deendayal as its President, Vice President, Secretary, Cashier and Prachar Secretary respectively.
​The Mandir/ Aashram is managed by a registered society since 1947 having dedicated workers and devotees of Satguru Kabir Saheb. The Management is planning to construct few rooms with attached bathroom for foreign delegates and visitors.

This temple is proud to have the benefit of visits by various eminent saints connected with the life and philosophy of Satguru Kabir, notable amongst them being Swami Narain Dass Ji of Alwar, Anami Maharaj Ji of Khekra, Swami Chetan Dev Nirvan Ji, Shri Amar Dass Ji, Swami Sewa Dass Ji, Swami Shyam Sundar Dass Ji Shastri of Haridwar, Mahant Jagdish Dass Ji Shastri of Jamnagar, Hazoor Udit Nam Sahib Ji, Hazoor Mukandmani Nam Sahib Ji, Hazoor Ardhnam Sahib Ji (Presents Panth Shri Hazoor Sahib Lehar Tara Varanasi),Swami Charan Dass Ji Sahib of LIMBRI, Mahant Shiv Muni Sahib Ji, Mahant Daya Sagar Ji of Chhudhani Dham and many more.

This temple holds in great esteem Sardar Sahib Sardar Balwant Singh Ji, Mahant Tola Ram Ji, Mahant Thakur Dass Ji and Mahant Atam Parkash Ji for their leading role in the growth and well being of this institution.